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I am committed to providing the very best level of therapy for you and look forward to hearing from you.

For more information please feel free to call me on: 07748647489 email me   or Skype: bunny.besley.

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Irvine Rd, Colchester, CO3 3TS

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Thank you for considering me as your therapist. 

My therapy is a unique blend of CBT, hypnotherapy and NLP techniques which I have refined myself to put together individual treatments for my clients which cover a wide range of emotional and habitual issues.

I have trained to the highest level in clinical hypnosis (BSc (Hons)) and have worked successfully with many people who are looking to make those important changes in their lives. All you need is the desire to change and the belief that, given the right help, you can, and you will be able to achieve your goal.

Working with a therapist may seem daunting at first. Some people battle for years on their own attempting to solve their issues alone, feeling somehow as if seeing someone and talking it through is weak or a failure. Often people feel that their issues are so big that facing them would be more stressful that simply letting them continue. Whatever you are feeling right now, you have made the first step and it is important that you are brave now and continue, whether you chose me, or another therapist, I am certain that any issue, if correctly dealt with, can be overcome and need not take much time and many people find that they have made significant changes in with just a few sessions.

I understand that your finances may be stretched and unfortunately there is very little available on the NHS for mental health issues, except for dishing out pills, but if you think of the money as an investment into your happiness and weigh it up against the money you would use, for example, to have your hair cut, it really isn’t all that much.

It is important that you feel comfortable with the therapist you chose and I would recommend that you phone me so we can talk in more detail. If you would prefer I can offer a 15 minute face to face consultation. Otherwise, you can simply email me for an appointment and go for it! I work Monday to Friday 9 am – 7 pm.

I am committed to providing the very best level of therapy for you and look forward to hearing from you.

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