Stress and How it Affects Your Health

Stress and How it Affects Your Health

We all suffer from stress at some point in our lives, particularly when we undergo big changes such as moving house, changing jobs, changing relationships or bereavement.

Stress is created by excessive worry and is increased when you feel that you have little or no ability to cope with these changes and you begin to lose sight of any potential benefit to your life. Your mind overly focuses on all types of worst case scenarios ‘what ifs?’ and the only future you predict for your self is one of potential disaster and failure! This then increases your stress levels until they become overwhelming, often tipping people into burn out or depression.

The hormones connected with these stress increases keep the body in a heightened state of alert and the bodies repair and immune systems don’t work as well as they should, often resulting in more illnesses and susceptibility to common viruses such as colds.

In order to begin to reduce your stress, you need to learn how to understand and let go of those worry thoughts that are responsible as well as examining your physical responses. Your mind and body are intrinsically linked and treating both through therapy can reduce the stress levels experienced dramatically. Hypnotherapy offers you deep relaxation and inner focus on the habitual thoughts and processes that hold you in this cycle and gives you the tools you need to release yourself and ultimately give you more health and happiness.

My practice is in Colchester and if you live further afield I may be able to recommend a similarly qualified therapist in your area.

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