Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

Trait anxiety or neuroticism, has been sited by Digman (1990) as one of 5 core dimensions of personalities and low levels of anxiety are useful in that it encourages us to think through our actions and be well prepared, particularly when we are face with potential challenges or dangers.

These useful levels of anxiety become increased when a person is over attentive to possible sources of threat and makes unrealistic appraisals and interpretations about the potential danger of external and internal events. This is often as a result of past experiences or influence from worries of those who are close to us and this can set a pattern or excessive worry and anxiety.

An anxious person is likely to see the worst case scenario in future events and predict catastrophic outcomes even when the evidence for this is unsupported.

There a many issues that can be labeled anxiety and the basic feeling of anxiety can branch into many different areas such as phobias, panic attacks, OCDs and PTSD. Anxiety can also lead to the client developing somatic symptoms such as IBS.

In order to treat the anxiety effectively the client must become fully aware of it and how it affects the three key areas of physiological, cognitive and behavioual reactions.

Hypnotherapy can be a very effective tool in the treatment of a wide variety of anxiety and stress related issues. In the modern world people often suffer from the effects of increase adrenaline levels associated with our primeval survival reactions and the subsequent effect of a build up of these hormones can lead to such conditions as panic attacks, IBS, asthma and a variety of skin conditions.

High stress levels also affect the immune system leaving people feeling tired and run down.

Hypnotherapy and CBT techniques address the underlying patterns of thought and behaviour that maintain these issues and seek to find alternative ways to cope and to change the processes that have held you in that perpetual worry.

The treatment can be effective in as little as 4 weeks and my service offers you personal one to one sessions with notes and recordings where appropriate.

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    I am getting in contact to ask about support for my anxiety following having a baby, is this something you can help with?

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