Hypnotherapy for Migraine Relief

Hypnotherapy for migraine relief

Hypnotherapy can be effective treatment for any issues which have their roots in stress. Understanding how the headaches occur and reducing the impact of trigger situations and giving you new ways of approaching the onset of symptoms, forms the basis of the treatment plan.

Many conditions are created over time and unlocking any patterns and underlying emotional problems which are related to their occurrence,  will reduce the levels of stress hormones in your body, thereby enabling you to cope with the daily stresses life throws at you without going into overload.

Your mind only has the capacity for so much negative emotion and when this becomes full to overflowing the body will react in a basic fight, flight , freeze or faint mechanism. Those headaches are often the beginnings of a ‘faint or freeze’ shut down protection and the following debilitation is when the body demands that you STOP!

Hypnosis and CBT can help you find alternatives and gain a better awareness of the process, which results in a great reduction in your pain.

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