Help for Anxiety in Colchester

Help for Anxiety in Colchester5412538-frustrated-and-angry-mad-woman-going-crazy-hands-pulling-her-hair-isolated-on-white-background

There are many options for therapy when you are looking for help to reduce the levels of anxiety in your life and often people are unaware of the benefits of hypnotherapy as a valid and proven treatment process. Like any therapeutic intervention, it requires a good understanding between the sufferer and the therapist to enable a treatment plan to be set up covering all aspects of the issue.

Patterns of anxiety are often associated with past experiences and memories and people react according to these associations, rather than being able to evaluate each new event on its own merit. A common issue is always looking out for the worst case scenario to occur and then projecting yourself into this potential, with no ability to cope. In effect you are predicting a really bad future for yourself all the time, so it is little wonder that you will feel anxious. Most people know that they cannot predict the future, so if you are going to attempt to do so, why predict one that is so terrible and full of danger?

In my therapy, I use a mixture of techniques aimed to help you understand why you have the anxiety and then, more importantly, how you can change your thoughts and behaviours to free yourself from these unwanted patterns. In therapy you must be prepared to make these changes because if you continue to do the same things that you have always done, you will just keep on repeating the same mistakes.

Hypnotherapy helps deepen these changes and allows you more time to focus on you inner thoughts and emotions. It is a very relaxing and safe process and you always have full control, so there is no chance of you doing anything you wouldn’t want to do. Hypnotherapy is an ethical and clinically proven form of therapy and gives you a deeper insight into your own mind.

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