Control Your Drinking

Hypnotherapy and CBT are therapies which can be applied to stopping or moderating drinking alcohol.

In today’s society drinking alcohol is on the increase and many people are finding they are drinking daily and the habit has become a problem. From the dangers of drink driving, memory black out, bad behaviours or just feeling hung over every morning, drinking is taking it’s toll on so many people.

Morning you doesn’t want a drink but when you try and stop or cut down that little voice of temptation becomes overwhelming and you simply give in and have that evening drink. You battle with yourself creating frustration and even anger towards the habit, but still you do it.. sound familiar?!

Alcohol is a poison and in excessive amounts causes as many problems with your health as smoking. Cutting out or reducing alcohol consumption is important to maintain health as we age.

Hypnotherapy has been long known to be effective in stopping smoking and a similar approach can be used with stopping or moderating drinking. You may be drinking for emotional reasons, to blot out unwanted thoughts or memories, or you may be using it to relax or just to fill time. If you are blocking depression or anxiety by drinking this would need to be treated at the same time.

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Bunny Besley