Hypnotherapy for Worriers

Hypnotherapy for Worriers

In low levels, worry is helpful to us in order to ensure that we are prepared, to make us better organised and to give us the best possible outcome, but it is when this worry is focused on attempting to prevent some dreadful, worst case scenario from occurring it can become damaging to your overall feeling of well being.

It is as if you are foreseeing a terrible future for yourself and in some way that obsessive worry is going to prevent it from happening. When disaster doesn’t occur, the worrier will thank their lucky stars that it was narrowly avoided and then look for some other potential catastrophe to worry about. The simple fact that the awful event was never likely to happen is overlooked and the belief that worry prevents disaster is reinforced.

In effect, worry becomes an obsessive compulsion and to reduce it can create an initial feeling of discomfort or danger. Hypnotherapy and CBT techniques can offer alternative thought processes to the sufferer and with practice these new ways of viewing life and its realistic potential can replace old habits.

Often worries in your head spin round and round without any reply, so it is important that you ask these worries how you can help them. What is the importance of the worry and what would happen if you didn’t have it? If you can agree to let it go and find a better way of coping, then do that and if the worry persists give it a time frame. For example, ask the worry if you can have a 12 hour break and if it keeps on repeating kindly remind it of that agreement. You might also try having a specific worry place and time. This is particularly useful with people who find those worries are disturbing their sleep. Sit down in a specific place (not your bed though) and invite all your worries to come forward. Deal with each one in turn until there are no more and agree a time to return again.

Hypnotherapy can offer you the space to find a deeper understanding of these patterns and help you to find solutions to your issues.


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