Hypnotherapy for Overactive Bladder

Hypnotherapy for Overactive Bladder

Hypnotherapy for irritable bladder is centered around the initiating event that is often associated with fear or anxiety and the subsequent avoidant behaviours and habits that serve to maintain and even escalate the symptoms.

This debilitating condition can often lead to the sufferer being unable to make journeys or visit any place where they are unsure that they will have immediate access to the toilet. This can have a drastic effect on their lives and many people suffer in silence believing that it is something they are destined to suffer forever.

A program of 4 sessions of hypnotherapy and CBT will help you reduce the symptoms and enable you to get a better understanding of the condition and to work with it, rather than fearing it, which only serves to make it worse.

Obviously you need to be aware of when your bladder is getting full, but it is not always necessary to empty your bladder immediately. Unfortunately, people with irritable bladder tend to reduce the amount of water they drink and this can cause high levels of chemicals which aggravates the condition.

Looking at the problem including psychological and behavioral analysis and finding new ways to cope through hypnotherapy techniques, is a simple and effective method to give you back your life, so please do call or email me if you would like more information.



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