Hypnotherapy for Depression

LighthouseHypnotherapy for Depression

With increasing numbers of people suffering from both short term bouts or longer term depression, hypnosis can offer an alternative to more traditional analysis forms of therapy.

Often therapy focuses on the whys and wherefores for the condition, which of course it would be good to know, but what is the use of knowing why something has happened without the solutions to change and solve the issues…it’s a bit like a plumber telling you you have a leak in your pipe because there is a hole in it, but not actually stopping the dripping water!

My therapy mixes the best techniques from hypnotherapy, CBT and NLP, giving you new ways to view your self and your perception of the world around you. Many people can experience changes in as little as 4 weeks and although this alternative treatment isn’t available through the NHS (yet), 4 weeks to change your life is well worth the investment.

As with any therapy, all you need to have is a belief that you can get better and together we can understand what you need to change in order to achieve your goal. Those changes may be very small at first, but if you are prepared to commit to the program, you will find each new thought or idea soon grows into a more substantial positive feeling.

Remember if you do what you’ve always done, you will get what you’ve always got, so just keeping on in this same pattern of depression and hoping it will somehow get better without you changing, will be unlikely to work. If you feel ready to move forward, then please contact me.

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