Mental Health Issues

Mental Health Issues

Hypnotherapy and CBT can offer you a very real alternative to taking a pill or a potion to alleviate the feelings of anxiety or depression that have become so widespread in this day and age of ‘must have x’ or ‘must achieve y’.

The chemical balance in your body is as a result of your thoughts, feelings and emotions and if these are primarily negative, then you may experience a generalised weight of depressive feeling and emotions that can seem difficult to pull out from. Your brain turns over 1000s of thoughts per day and many of these occur without your conscious will and without your influence your brain will simply turn to the thoughts you think  most often. If you don’t give your mind some positive input, no amount of pills will create a good chemical balance, whereas therapy can give you the tools to release your own natural feel good chemicals and help lift your mood and confidence.

If you do what you’ve always done, you will get what you’ve always got, so if you want a change in your life, you will need to change something about it. There are three basic elements you can change, which are your environment, your behaviour and your thoughts. Some solutions can be achieved by moving away from the issues, particularly when your issues are aggravated by the influence of other people, but in most cases it will be a more lasting and effective change when you examine the thoughts and subsequent behaviours which are supporting the problem.

Just because you have always thought or felt a certain way, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is right, only that this is the way you feel according to your own experiences. Where experiences are burdened with strong negative emotion this may affect the way you interpret all current and future events, which can result in prediction of continual disaster and your inability to cope or change its inevitability.  This in turn will create a feeling of doom which feeds into the depression or anxiety.

My therapy combines hypnotherapy, CBT and NLP techniques and will give you the necessary changes you will need to make to improve your quality of life. I offer you direct approach to therapy where you will be able to understand both why you feel the way you do and more importantly, how to change it.

You can make improvements in as little as 4 weeks, all you need to bring is the belief that you can.


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