Hypnotherapy to Stop Smoking

Stop Smoking

Time To Quit SmokingStopping SmokingĀ  can be very difficult with just will power alone and the more you deny yourself something you have believed, for a long time to be a pleasure, the more the desire to give in to cravings can increase. Hypnotherapy is designed to change the thought processes of the habit rather thanĀ  simply trying to stop the behaviour.

There is an ever increasing amount of people who would love to stop smoking these days, with the rising awareness of the risks to health and the inconvenience of standing about in the cold and wet in order to meet the demands of nicotine, many people are turning to hypnosis for results.

It is one of the most effective ways to stop smoking, working with the power of your own mind to achieve the motivation and the resolve you need to be successful. Whether this is the first time you are giving up or you have failed in the past it is vital that when you make the call to book, you know you can really do this now.

In order to help you stop I have put together an intensive appointment which is designed to stop you smoking on that day.

The aim of therapy is to change your thought processes towards smoking rather than just stop your behaviour. During the appointment we discuss the habit in detail on a conscious basis giving you lots of information and tools to use to help you during the process of stopping. I then use hypnotherapy to embed these changes on a subconscious level. This is not a matter of will power or battling with yourself, but of understanding the smoking person within you and finding agreement. The best way to break this is through negotiation and understanding.

I used to smoke so I understand your concerns. I am not ‘a smoker who doesn’t smoke’ as I horrifically heard a radio presenter state we all are, if we stop; I am a non smoker and the thought of smoking anything repulses me. I am happy to be able to smell the occasional smoke and think it smells nice, but I have no desire to EVER, EVER draw that smoke into my lungs. I never miss it in my life and the freedom not being controlled 20 times a day just to take time to poison myself is wonderful. I do believe that the hypnotherapy I regularly do with clients has embedded this aversion more deeply in me than most, but the strength is testament to its effectiveness.

This session is Ā£95.

Please call me to discuss in more detail and please be assured that I am bound by laws of confidentiality.

I am based in Colchester and have appointments available weekdays and evenings to suit you.