New mum credits hypnotherapy sessions for helping her conceive.

Hypnotherapy Helps Mother to Conceive after 5 Miscarriages

Source: New mum credits hypnotherapy sessions for helping her conceive after five miscarriages

New mum credits hypnotherapy sessions for helping her conceive after five miscarriages
Wednesday, Jun 24 2015 WRITTEN BY Lara Martin

Leah Elliott had endured five miscarriages before the birth of her beautiful baby son Joseph.

And on today’s ITV’s Good Morning Britain she spoke out about believing her pregnancy was helped by sessions of hypnotherapy.

Leah Elliott discusses using hypnotherapy to boost conception chances Leah endured five miscarriages in four years.

Leah did three months of hypnotherapy with a fertility specialist via Skype and said today it taught her body and mind to relax. “It made me a little more at easy through the fertility journey. It is a stressful journey, an emotional journey,” she said.

The 40-year-old had endured five miscarriages in four years and said doctors diagnosed her with Graves’ disease and endometriosis but had been unable to explain the exact cause of her miscarriages.

She and fianc√© James considered IVF but were reluctant to go down that route believing it to be “very taxing” on the body.¬†Baby Joseph was conceived after three months of hypnotherapy.

Discussing her hypnotherapy sessions, Leah said: “I think because, without realising it, I was telling my body it wasn’t safe to conceive because of these diagnosis. And my body was listening. It’s all about the mind-body connection.

“We just let go of the struggle and let go of the idea of fertility being our whole life at the time. Without giving up, we just decided to stop trying for a while and I went for the hypnotherapy treatment.”

Dr Sarah Jarvis said: “Women do get pregnant. There is a good outcome overall even with recurrent miscarriage. A study came out recently showing women who had an average of four miscarriages have a seven per cent chance of getting pregnant and keeping the baby next time, so we know it does happen.

“Once you’ve had three miscarriages‚Ķ we know up to one in five pregnancies tragically ends in miscarriage anyway but once you’ve had three, that goes up to 40 per cent. That does mean many people will keep their baby.”

With Leah, she relaxed and let go. There is no science behind it but as a GP for 25 years I’m amazed at how many people who have been trying and their whole lives are consumed with getting pregnant, once they get to the stage where they have been referred to a clinic and are waiting for tests, they start to relax.

Dr Jarvis said there were many things that could boost the chances of conceiving including not smoking, no alcohol, exercising, making sure you’re not underweight or overweight, eating correctly and taking folic acid supplements.

She added: “Relaxing and just genuinely allowing your body to do its own thing can make a difference. Easier said than done. If hypnotherapy works for you, fine.”


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