Hypnotherapy vs Stage Hypnosis

The field of hypnosis has an unfortunate reputation for being ‘mythical and magical’. This can often undermine the scientific reasons behind it’s therapeutic uses and can put people off, who may be frightened that I could in some way control their minds while they entered into some zombie like trance. It would be of no benefit for you to dance like a chicken or perform some other random task in therapy, but every benefit to focusing on understanding the underlying mechanisms that have been causing you to think or behave in certain ways.

Clinical hypnosis, when used by fully trained therapists, can produce some amazing results simply by turning your outward focus in on yourself and giving your mind some new neural pathways to create the possibility for change.

It is one of the quickest forms of therapy, producing profound changes, often in as little as 4 sessions. During your treatment, I give you all the tools to enable you to gain new insights and break through old thought patterns, which may have been automatically occurring due to past perceptions.

If you are reading this, then you are considering the possibility of using hypnosis for the change you desire, so don’t be put off by those ‘showmen’ and do try it out for yourself!

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