Hypnosis for Body Image

Source : http://www.refinery29.com/hypnotherapy-body-image "Everyone gets stuck sometimes. I regularly get emails from people who feel as though they've hit a wall, whether it's in the intuitive eating process, in eating disorder recovery, or just in attempting to change their food [...]

What Really Happens When You Are Hypnotized Revealed

What you thought you knew might not be true after all. Source: What Really Happens When You Are Hypnotized Revealed August 31, 2015 By First to Know There is a lot of myth and misunderstanding that surrounds the practice of [...]

Hypnosis Works – YouTube

Hypnosis Works!   Hypnosis registers pretty highly on most people’s skeptic scale, way up there with psychic readings and levitation. The fact that the average person’s exposure to hypnosis has been limited to a stage performer during their college orientation [...]

Hypnosis…Will I lose control?

Hypnosis...Will I lose control? This is a question that often crops up when speaking to people who are uncertain about hypnotherapy. Will I be under your control and unable to resist doing anything you ask? The answer is that in [...]

Hypnotherapy vs Stage Hypnosis

The field of hypnosis has an unfortunate reputation for being 'mythical and magical'. This can often undermine the scientific reasons behind it's therapeutic uses and can put people off, who may be frightened that I could in some way control [...]

What is Hypnotherapy and How does it Work?

What is hypnotherapy and how does it work, is one of the key questions many people ask me before deciding on which therapy process will be the right one for them. There are so many treatments available nowadays and it [...]