Qualified Hypnotherapist

Qualified Hypnotherapist.

Having read in the papers this weekend about the so called hypnotherapist who assaulted a woman during a therapy session, I too feel incensed at the lack of regulation within the industry. There are only a few unethical practitioners but it must seem a daunting task for the person who is seeking help through hypnosis to be able to trust that the person that they chose knows what they are doing and is capable of providing treatment that is both ethical and effective.

It was for this very reason that after a years course in hypnosis, I chose to extend my studies to gain a degree in the subject which covered a broad spectrum of psychology, including a scientific education in the functioning of the brain and the endocrine system. The course also required us to undertake a scientific research project which I produced on the effects of hypnosis on memory.

Since I finished the degree, the University no longer offers the course, which is a great pity and it is my wish that it will be reinstated at some point in the future so we can put an end to uncertainty and potential harm that the poorly trained therapist can do.


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