Covid 19 Update

Following government guidelines for lock down on 5th November 2020 I am able to offer appointments face to face or over Facetime and whatsapp. If you are in the vulnerable category or in direct contact with a person who is, [...]

Qualified Hypnotherapist

Qualified Hypnotherapist. Having read in the papers this weekend about the so called hypnotherapist who assaulted a woman during a therapy session, I too feel incensed at the lack of regulation within the industry. There are only a few unethical [...]

Hypnotherapy as a Scientifically Proven Therapy.

Hypnotherapy as a Scientifically Proven Therapy The field of hypnosis has an unfortunate reputation for being 'mythical and magical'. This can often undermine the scientific reasons behind it's therapeutic uses and can put people off, who may be frightened that [...]

Degree in Clinical Hypnosis

Degree in Clinical Hypnosis I am now on the final few months of my degree in Clinical Hypnosis, which is the first educationally recognised qualification in hypnosis. It is very worrying to know that a 'qualification' in hypnosis can be [...]

Research Project

As the final part of my BSc (hons) degree, I am researching the effects hypnosis has on memory and recall and I am looking for participants who could spare 2 one and a half hour sessions between now and the [...]

University Again!!

I took a brave step this Autumn and returned to University to study Clinical Hypnotherapy at St Mary's University, Twickenham. This degree course is the first formally recognised qualification in hypnotherapy and I'm sure in time it will become the bench mark for the profession.