Treatment for Depression

In the light of the tragic death of Robin Williams it is so very ironic that someone who made us all laugh so much eventually takes his own life as a result of his own depression. So many people suffer in silence with this deadly condition which can increase in severity when no help is sought. Depressive thoughts and feelings spin round and round in the mind, often becoming trapped, unheard and unanswered. Many people see it as weak to allow anyone to know that they have a problem or that it is just them who is suffering while ‘the rest of us’ somehow have a perfect life.
Just one session could be enough for you to begin making some changes and although there is very little available on the NHS, the cost of a private session with a quality therapist is very little when compare to the cost of a hair cut or an evening out.
I so wish there was more therapy available for everyone and that people felt no shame in asking for it. I offer therapy for treatment of depression allowing a longer time per session in order to ensure that some progress is made at each appointment. Sometimes it can take a while to reach a moment of self realisation or understanding and having to watch the clock can result in that moment not being achieved.

Please do feel feel to email or call me if you are suffering now and please lets find you some happiness 🙂




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