CBT and Hypnosis to Break Old Habits

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CBT and Hypnosis to Break Old Habits

Breaking old habits can seem difficult without support and guidance. We are predisposed to perform actions, thoughts and behaviours according to our habitual responses and the body sends you signals of discomfort when you attempt to change. Hypnosis can help you with these changes.

We could  use just willpower but this often leads to an internal battle between opposing forces, and in any war there is only attack or retreat unless a treaty can be negotiated.

Habits are formed throughout our lives in accordance to some particular need at the time, be that to gain a habit such as walking or driving, or a habit of protection from unwanted feelings and emotions. All too often we unwittingly develop habits which were intended to try and avoid some negative experience, but when this habit is repeated over time we often get exactly what it was you were attempting to avoid.

These habits ¬†become ¬†automatic subconcious responses, triggered when you ‘feel’ a certain way in a particular situation. We have preprogrammed ourselves to react to this feeling according to that old experience and if we simply accept this feeling without challenge, ¬†we will stay stuck with it. When we learn something that has become automatic, we tend to develop a closed mind about the feeling or behaviour. We find it very difficult to open up to change because the mind tends to protect automatic behaviour and emotions.

Using CBT and hypnosis works on both conscious and subconscious level. Through conscious awareness you can use your logical and rational intelligence to alter your perception and update your behaviours and through hypnosis your subconscious needs can be transformed, leaving you free  to create new emotional responses and behaviours without having conflict in your mind.


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