Web Stress!!

Here I am, up late again, trawling through the complexities of the internet!!

With so much of our lives controlled by the web, it is essential that I can be seen on as many sites as possible… but I realise that I now need a full “ology” in web marketing too!!!

I must consider writing a technical phobia program!!!

Off to bed now with a glass of wine and a busy head… time for some sleep self hypnosis I guess!!

xx Bunny xx

Driving Test Stress!!

Driving Test Stress

I was almost feeling sick with nerves yesterday morning ,knowing that my daughter was taking her test! I remembered the fear I had felt many years previous and that memory still burns strongly. I could recall the moment  in such detail, the test and the examiner and the moment when I made that decision to overtake the bicycle on that hill, and the sound as the examiner sucked in sharply through his teeth and the sinking feeling in my heart!!

Unlike my daughter, who passed her first test, I had to retake mine 4 weeks later!

It is an interesting point, that our stronger memories are burnt through the release of powerful chemicals in our bodies, such as fear, anger and joy. In the most part this is a useful occurrence since we need to remember to avoid fearful situations, however, that which a child might find fearful may not be frightening to an adult.

Since we are burning memories from the day we are born, it is a wise idea that an adult spends sometime reflecting on their life and addressing any patterns which may have been set by a 2,3,4 year old and releasing themselves from them!

Hypnosis is an amazing way to undertake this process and through careful guidance any irrational fears, worries and nervous habits can be erased and overwritten by the adult self! I doubt you would allow a child to make important decisions for you now….

x Bunny x

Hypnotherapy for Smoking

Hypnotherapy for Smoking

During my work with smokers, I find many people say to me “that voice within me, that wants to keep me a smoker is so strong. I know I want to give up and I start out so well, but after a few weeks, that voice of temptation starts to shout louder and louder and¬†I end up giving in to it, feeling disappointed and frustrated.”

That voice comes from your smoking identity, that voice is the voice that put you on the path of smoking in the first place. When you smoked that first cigarette, it was disgusting, you coughed and choked, it tasted awful, it may have given you a headache or even made you feel sick, your body recognised the poison you were inputting into it.

But that voice spoke up, you wanted to be a smoker, to be part of the ‘in crowd’, to be cool, to be like your friends or the people you admired, you wanted to be a rebel, to be grown up and you wanted these things at all costs.

So you managed to switch off your poison receptors, through the strength of this voice and this continues to rest within your subconscious beliefs and identities. This voice had to become so powerful, that it changed your perception of smoking, shutting down your natural senses and ignoring all the health issues.

Through hypnosis you are able to reset these self saboutaging beliefs and allow your new preference to be a non smoker, to have the stonger motivation and identity.

Many people put off the day when they will become a non smoker, fearing the change, but I would say to you that if you aren’t intending to be a smoker all your life, then why put off that day? The only time that exists is now, and whether you stop smoking ‘now’, or when at a ‘now’ in the future, ‘now’ is always ‘now’….