Hypnotherapy for Worrying

Hypnotherapy for worrying, or rather should I say, to alleviate worry!

Worrying is one of the main causes for stress and anxiety and is connected with the desire to be prepared. A low level of worrying can be very useful and can ensure you are fully able to get the best from your life, but when it is focused on trying to avoid all worst case scenarios and potential disasters, many people find they can’t switch off from the perpetual circle of possible¬†catastrophes.

Hypnotherapy for worrying can help you find the root causes for these issues and learn to change your thought patterns through a process of awareness and acceptance.

Often these worries are developed at a time when we are reacting to the world around us through how we ‘feel’, such as when we are children, rather than what we know to be logical and rational as adults. These habits are then maintained through by placing the feelings of worrying on everyday situations and if left unchecked they can become overwhelming.

Most people find they can make a significant difference through hypnotherapy in as little as four weeks and these changes can make a profound impact upon their lives. It takes courage to ask for help, but if you find you are thinking about therapy and want to find out more, please email me or give me a call.