Hypnotherapy helps man with agoraphobia.

Jeremy Norton had been too afraid to leave his house since the age of 20 but has been cured by hypnotherapy

Jeremy Norton

Jeremy Norton

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A MAN who suffered from agoraphobia for 20 years says he has been cured – after just three sessions of hypnotherapy.

A Positive Attitude Towards Stress Can Change How It Affects You

A Positive Attitude Towards Stress Can Change How It Affects You.

HeartMath-UK-Kelly-McGonigalWe are all too aware these days of the negative affects of prolonged periods of stress on our bodies, but short lived bursts can help us to perform at our peak and help us rise to the challenge of difficult tasks. If you are in fear of feeling that increase of heart rate and that slightly flushed feeling as the blood pumps a bit faster through your body, increasing the oxygen supply, then stress may well result in poor performance, but if you view these changes as a welcome benefit, then you will reap the rewards that this heightened state of awareness can give you, as well as decreasing the negative impact.

At a recent TED seminar, Kelly McGonigal explains how to make stress your friend. If you can regard stress as a useful tool in your emotional and physical states rather than fear its existence you will find that its negative impact can be reduced. As with many negative states, it is all too often the fear of those feelings such as pain or adrenaline that keeps us feeling them. An adrenaline ‘junkie’ welcomes that intense rush and looks to feel it again and again but in wanting to have that intensity they find that it ebbs away all too quickly. It you don’t let go of the fear your body will think you are in constant danger and so prolong the feared state, relax into it and you will return to safety. In psychology you often get more of anything you attempt to avoid, so welcome in the stress as your friend and you will get less of it 🙂


Hypnotherapy for Worrying

Hypnotherapy for worrying, or rather should I say, to alleviate worry!

Worrying is one of the main causes for stress and anxiety and is connected with the desire to be prepared. A low level of worrying can be very useful and can ensure you are fully able to get the best from your life, but when it is focused on trying to avoid all worst case scenarios and potential disasters, many people find they can’t switch off from the perpetual circle of possible catastrophes.

Hypnotherapy for worrying can help you find the root causes for these issues and learn to change your thought patterns through a process of awareness and acceptance.

Often these worries are developed at a time when we are reacting to the world around us through how we ‘feel’, such as when we are children, rather than what we know to be logical and rational as adults. These habits are then maintained through by placing the feelings of worrying on everyday situations and if left unchecked they can become overwhelming.

Most people find they can make a significant difference through hypnotherapy in as little as four weeks and these changes can make a profound impact upon their lives. It takes courage to ask for help, but if you find you are thinking about therapy and want to find out more, please email me or give me a call.



Driving Test Stress!!

Driving Test Stress

I was almost feeling sick with nerves yesterday morning ,knowing that my daughter was taking her test! I remembered the fear I had felt many years previous and that memory still burns strongly. I could recall the moment  in such detail, the test and the examiner and the moment when I made that decision to overtake the bicycle on that hill, and the sound as the examiner sucked in sharply through his teeth and the sinking feeling in my heart!!

Unlike my daughter, who passed her first test, I had to retake mine 4 weeks later!

It is an interesting point, that our stronger memories are burnt through the release of powerful chemicals in our bodies, such as fear, anger and joy. In the most part this is a useful occurrence since we need to remember to avoid fearful situations, however, that which a child might find fearful may not be frightening to an adult.

Since we are burning memories from the day we are born, it is a wise idea that an adult spends sometime reflecting on their life and addressing any patterns which may have been set by a 2,3,4 year old and releasing themselves from them!

Hypnosis is an amazing way to undertake this process and through careful guidance any irrational fears, worries and nervous habits can be erased and overwritten by the adult self! I doubt you would allow a child to make important decisions for you now….

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