Hypnosis for Body Image

Source : http://www.refinery29.com/hypnotherapy-body-image "Everyone gets stuck sometimes. I regularly get emails from people who feel as though they've hit a wall, whether it's in the intuitive eating process, in eating disorder recovery, or just in attempting to change their food [...]

The Truth About Sugar Documentary 2015 – YouTube

A brilliant documentary which I recommend to all my weight loss clients. The Truth About Sugar BBC Documentary   Sugar is not, I repeat not, very good for you but you probably knew that. In a new BBC documentary called [...]

How hypnotherapy helped me beat my chocolate addiction

Source: How hypnotherapy helped me beat my chocolate addiction "A chocoholic has got her binges under control thanks to hypnotherapy. Sophie Kitching finds out how it works. SHE was a self-confessed addict who would binge on chocolates and could easily [...]

Weight Loss and Dieting.. Why it doesn’t work.

Hypnotherapy for weight loss. Why diets don't work Your body doesn't recognise health risks of being overweight, but it does recognise starvation. The body is not designed to be fed on refined sugars and processed foods. In the wild, without [...]

Gastric Band Hypnosis

Gastric Band Hypnosis I have noticed a recent increase in people wishing to loss weight through hypnosis and particularly the gastric band techniques. These techniques have had a recent surge of interest through the press and many people do indeed [...]